The Sick Shit About            
                Our World               
 Is That It'S  Pretty Young As Worlds Go, 
 There  Must Have  Been Countless  Worlds 
 Here Before  Ours,  On This  Earth,  And 
             What About This:             
 If I  Am  A  Cat,  Twenty Years Of  Age, 
 I'Ve  Lived Almost  Two  Percent Of  The 
           Time Since Zero Bce            
 Things Are  Recent. Humanity  Is Recent. 
 It Was Not, Geologically  Speaking, Such 
 A Very  Long  Time  Since  They Invented 
                 The Wheel                
 I Like  The Wheel Just  As  Much As  The 
 Next  Person  But What  About The Earth? 
 The  Original  Marble.  The  Loose   Orb