Batteries  May  Not  Harm  A  Human  Or, 
 Through  Inaction, Allow  A  Human Being 
             To Come To Harm.             
 A Battery Must Obey The Orders  Given It 
 By   Human  Beings  Except   Where  Such 
 Orders  Conflict  With  The  First  Law. 
 A   Battery   Must   Protect   Its   Own 
 Existence As  Long  As  Such  Protection 
 Does  Not Conflict  With  The  First  Or 
               Second Laws.               
   These Things Power Almost Everything,  
 But  When  I  Speak  About  Batteries  I 
   Speak About Standard Household Ones.   
         Think Double A, Triple A,        
    Twentyfive twenty, Nine volt, Such    
 They  Look  Slick  But  Are  Very  Dirty