I Was At  The  Beach And There  Was This 
 Person  Who  Never  Left The Water, With 
 Her  Two  Dogs.  Large,  Orange  Dogs... 
 After Watching  For  A  While, I Went To 
        Swim, And They Approached.        
 One   Of   The   Dogs   Approached   Me, 
 Friendly,  He Showed He His  Teeth. They 
 Were Sharp, Very Sharp. He Licked  Them. 
 Suddenly I Was Terrified, I  Didn'T Know 
 Why, But I Was Terrified  Of The  Beach, 
 Of  Land. But  Not  Of Him. Not  Of  The 
        The Animal Is Beautiful,        
    An Inside-Out Version Of A Plant,   
  A Gorgeous, Seeping, Dripping Thing,  
    And You Want To Be A Part Of It,    
      You Want To Be Inside Of It,      
    You Want To Be In The Same Place