i was  at the  beach and  there was this 
 person who  never left  the  water, with 
 her  two  dogs.  large,  orange  dogs... 
 after watching  for  a while,  i went to 
        swim, and they approached.        
 one   of   the   dogs   approached   me, 
 friendly, he showed  he his  teeth. they 
 were sharp, very sharp. he licked  them. 
 suddenly i was terrified, i  didn't know 
 why, but  i was terrified  of the beach, 
 of  land.  but not  of him.  not  of the 
        the animal is beautiful,        
    an inside-out version of a plant,   
  a gorgeous, seeping, dripping thing,  
    and you want to be a part of it,    
      you want to be inside of it,      
    you want to be in the same place