there  was a  crowdsourced vaccine,   
  that could be created regionally  by  
   most   pharmaceutical   companies    
   without  much effort,  and  it was   
    estimated   that  it  had  saved    
       tens      of      millions.      
 but  it was not officially recognized by 
 the world  health  organization,  and as 
 such  did not  give what  the sanctioned 
 (and   unobtainable)   ones   did:   the 
 subskin  chip that would let  you  enter 
       (or     leave)     cities.       
  and that's why, eventually, we would  
   create  our  own chips.  they were   
  larger than the official ones, and a  
    little  unstable,   and   needed    
    maintenance.  but  they  worked!    
   or, they would work together with a  
  little something to make  the  guard  
     look    the     other     way.     
   but the scanner showed green, so...