the humidity in the cave air condense   
  into droplets in the roof of the hall,  
   and is then slowly carried down the    
   arches, where the drops melt together  
   until  they're finally to heavy to   
   cling. a few seconds in the air, then  
 they hit the crystals that have invaded  
         the   stone   floor.         
     the crystals are scales, from the    
   dragon. they look like ice, but they   
 are not. dragon scales are made of nail  
   tissue, and on the dragon that made    
     these, it is heavily infused with    
  quartz. in the faint light of the cave, 
        they shimmer pink and teal.       
    the dragon is translucent like the    
  scales, and as it lies in the middle of 
   the hall it looks little more than a   
    bump in the pile. when awake, when    
  soaring, it becomes a facet of the sky  
  itself. but here and now it is asleep,  
               and dreaming.              
        it is dreaming about you...