Ok At This Point I Am Ready To Believe.  
 It Would Be So Easy To Let Go And Start  
 To Take In Water. The Boat Would Be      
 Submerged In Minutes, A Small List At    
 First But Once Enough Sea Has Poured     
 In, It Would Be Quick. The Boat On Its   
 Way To The Bottom. Rope And Bins         
 Anyway - I'M Fairly Certain That The     
 Spots Move. They'Re Insects Or           
 Something. When I'M Not Looking, They    
 Shift, They Crawl, They Grow And         
 Shrink. They Congregate                  
 (I'M Thinking, I Should Get A Tattoo     
 Gun, Draw Circles Around Them. To Show   
 That They Do Indeed Migrate Across The   
 Skin. (Or, The Circles Would Trap Them,  
 Like Salt))