the   cat            
 the cat  is  the best  animal  wavetable 
 for  everyday being  with,  if  not just 
    the best wavetable, any category.     
 it is  usually about half an  arm  long, 
 except  for when it's small or if it's a 
 very big  cat,  or a very  big small cat 
         (some cats are very big).        
 on  the head  there are two  pointy ears 
 and a snout where the nose is. its  eyes 
 are intense  and not  entirely  pleasant 
 to  stare into, but the cat doesn't want 
              you to anyway.              
 it has  four legs and a  tail, which  is 
         important for balance and        
  communication. read also catsounds for  
 more about  communication with  the cat. 
         aspects  of  cat         
     hunt   critters   and    birds     
   you  can  sometimes  pet  the  cat   
                they purr               
             meow for food