elves live in the land      
       beyond the great dam.      
  it  was built in the late  sixties.   
    the  elves came to us then.     
 they  were  very  manipulative,  and  we 
 came  to trust them.          us 
 kids would  play down at the water  even 
 though we were not allowed.        
    sometimes  the  sluice would  close 
 entirely,  and  the  river  at  the dams 
 foot  would dry up,  revealing the rocky 
 water   garden   that  had  been  hidden 
 beneath, and we would go there.      
       before the  dam opened  again, 
 there would be  a signal, but  the elves 
 would make us not hear it,  and suddenly 
 we would find  the water rising, already 
 at  our knees.               
   by  then the  elves would be gone.