day  dream  daydream          
  we are trying to  figure out  when  
   the day is, really, because there  
   are  conflicting  views on  this   
   old school thinkers and worshippers    
 will say that  the  day starts when  the 
 sun  rises,  because,  you  know,  thats 
               true isn't it              
 boring  people  will  say that  the  day 
 starts  at  eight and  ends  at  five... 
            don't believe them            
  new school neuroatypical beings might   
 argue that the  day starts when you wake 
  these are probably different concepts   
        but the confusion is neat         
 i  mean  you  can  be  awake  at  night? 
 maybe  it's  only  a  day  when you  are 
 awake to experience  it, and  then  only 
             if the sun is up             
            what if its cloudy?