In      The      Depths     Of      May. 
 Imagine If You Will,  A  Lush  Blueberry 
 Spruce Forest,  With  Rolling  Hills And 
          Knee-Deep Underbrush.           
 The Ground  Is  Soft.  Leaves  In All Of 
 The Seven  Stages  Of  Decomposition Are 
   Packed Loosely Together... Sometimes   
 There  Are  Rocks. Bigger Boulders  Peek 
            Out Of The Hills.             
 There Could Be, Somewhere In  The Depths 
 Of It  All, A Crevice Filled With Water. 
    Bird cherries At The Edges, Dipping   
 Their Long Fingers  Beneath The Surface. 
     Water lilies, Maybe. The Water Is    
   Yellow-Green With Pollen, And Insects  
      Are Swarming Above The Surface.     
        Water striders, Mosquitos,        
         Back flies, Crane flies.         
 In   This   Case  We   Would  Use  Deet, 
 Or Diethyltoluamide As It'S Also Called. 
 Deet  Should Be  Applied  To Your  Skin. 
 You  Should Cover All Skin That Is To Be 
 Exposed To  Air.  It'S Ok To Get Some In 
 The  Eyes.  Rub  Until It  Feels  Right, 
 Until  The Skin Feels Good.  Let It Soak 
       You'Ve Now Become Poisonous.