On Felines.  
  To Find A Good Feline You Must      
  Roam, And Then You Must Sit Still.  
  Gleaming Eyes From A Shadow On A    
  Brick Wall, Brushy Tail In A        
  Pumpkin Patch...                    
  A Creature Is Near.                 
  You Must Feign Disinterest. With    
  The Feline In The Corner Of Your    
  Eye, Perhaps Find A Beautiful Rock  
  On The Ground, And Bend Down To     
  Look Closer.                        
  Having Announced Yourself Like      
  This, They May Approach, Or You     
  Can Perhaps Sneak Closer. Would     
  They Remain, It'S Is An Immense     
  Gift Of Trust, And We Celebrate!    
   It'S Important To Note That This Is A  
     Predator. Even If They May Show      
  Themselves, They Are Not Guaranteed To  
              Be Benevolent.