two ways of being lost.      
     lost:       lost:  
 not knowing where     forlorn, unfit  
  you are, unable    for some purpose, 
  to backtrack,       unredeemable,  
   on willowed ways   and strange.   
   we're coming up on the last night   
 in teh forest dome... i am relocating  
       closer to the work mill...       
   i don't trust the shamans operating   
 the digiflesh tranference network... my  
   bike is not allowed in the tunnels in  
      from the forest dome (smuggling     
    charges)... it's too far to go by     
   so an urban dome it is... for me...    
  not a prosperous one, not an important  
 one (for several decades at least), but  
       a rough and somewhat peculiar      
      collection of abandoned housing     
  projects. and the likewise abandoned   
         attempts to unify it with        
         the rest of the domes.        
        yah... last night...        
      sleep well, forest dome.      
   fox ear sushi...                
                      whisker job...    
          eating glowsticks...          
    dissolving the belly ...            
     dissolving the skin             
             phosphorous entrails      
            flowing out onto       
             the asphalt