My Good Fathers Good Friend  Gave Me The 
  Fostex X fifteen                      
 And   Its  A  Two track   Tape  Recorder 
 I Don'T Really Get How It Works.  It Has 
 Two X Rca In, Two X  Rca Out, And Four X 
 Rca "Tape Out" Which I Guess Is All Four 
 Channels On The Cassette  -  Which Means 
 The B Side Is  Played Backwards If  It'S 
                 Like That                
 So Now I Have To  Differentiate  Between 
 Four Track Cassettes And Two X Two Track 
       Ones... Or Not, Just As Well       
 It Featyures A  Low Noise Floor Which Is 
 Great,  But  There  Is   Some  Dithering 
 Noise  Or  If It Is  The  Motor,  I Dont 
 Also There Is A  Really Rad Red Cassette 
                Slot Cover                
 It  Does  Not  Have  A Speed hole  But 
 Rather A Much  Neater Actual Speed  Knob 
 I    Dont   Know   The   Percentage   Of 
 Difference But It Applies  Also To  Fast 
            Forward And Rewind            
  Future Refusals                       
 Update:  This Fuckers  Gone  Whacko  And 
 You Need To Flip  It Over Constantly And 
 Get   In    There   With    Your    Hand