fragment vision              
 time is a series of frames if thats what 
 you believe, and they are so  short that 
 your consciousness spans a bunch of them 
                 you percieve             
               all of these               
     a   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i    
 with  training  or  cannabis  (or  other 
   drug ring -based chemicals), you can   
 hone the  senses,  reduce time blur  and 
 see   only   one   fragment,  like   so: 
 and the  people around  you can be  more 
  concentrated in another fragment even   
 if  they are  physically  manifested  in 
 the  one  you  are  percieving,  so  you 
 exist  with  an   offset,  never  really 
    actually meeting with each other.     
 this is, in fact, one of my older fears; 
 that everyone  around me obviously exist 
 in   this  moment,  but   they  are  not 
 conscious -  they were here a  long time 
 ago  and  all  their  actions  are  just 
              stored in time.             
 so that even though i am  among friends, 
          i am completely alone.