The Planet Garthyn            
        Was Discovered By Accident.       
   A Cargo  Vehicle  Had Suffered  An   
   Engine  Failure And Crashed On  The  
  Planet.  When  Garthyn Proved To Be   
  Habitable,  A Colony  Had Been Sent   
     Out    The     Next     Month.     
  A Few Years Later, The Colony Was As  
  Inhabited As The Mother Planet Erol.  
   There  Were  Shopping  Malls, Zoos,  
  Apartments  And  Houses,  CircusEs,   
    Bath  Houses,   Milk   Factories.   
  Occasionally You Could Find BeachEs,  
  Hot Dog Stands, Grill Bars And  Much  
  Else, Just As On An Inhabited Planet  
  It Was At This Time That It Started.  
   Large  Wolves  Ran  In  Packs  And   
    Attacked    Large    Buildings.     
  First, Some Rental Apartments In The  
  Outskirts Of The City Shoo.  Then An  
  Arcade,  A  Hospital And  A  Bridge.  
   Directly  After  The  Attacks,  The  
  Wolves  Disappeared. No One Knew Why  
  They  Came,  No One Knew From Where.