Yamaha Handysound          
          Hs Two Hundred          
 Shrink  A  Little  Beige Keyboard,  Mini 
 Keys To  Say  The Least!  Theyre  Really 
 Small  Believe Me.  Best Played  Rotated 
            To  Degrees Imho          
 Very  Lofi.  Pretty  Much   (A  Lil  Bit 
 Smoother)  Raw  Waveforms  And  An   Ahr 
 There  Are  Six  Sounds,  But  One  Is A 
 Little  Hidden (Dial  In Between  Violin 
 And   Clarinet   For  A   Square   Wave) 
 It  Needs Five  Double  A  Batteries  To 
 Live, But You Can Juice It  With Nine To 
 Twelve  Volts  Worth Of  Center Positive 
 You Can  Listen  With Earphones Or  Plug 
 It  Into  A  Carrier insect  Or  Maybe A 
 It Also Has A Built In  Speaker That  Is 
 Actually  Quite Good. Obviously Not Very 
 Good But You Know What  I Mean. As  With 
 The Volca Keys I Feel You  Get The Right 
 Sound By  Putting A Mic  To  The Speaker 
 Rather Than Using  The Headphone Jack As 
                A Line Out.