Illegal biking             
 I'D Say  I  Am  An  Average  Biker,  And 
 Above  Average For A Drunk Person.  What 
 Makes   Me   Stand  Out  Though  Is   My 
 Obscure Biking Style: "Illegal biking".  
   It Applies The Two Rules for travel,   
 And Expands On Them With  A Few  Points. 
 The  Most Important  Thing  Is The Flow. 
 You Must Try To  Always Keep Your Speed, 
 Even  If  It  Means  Going  A  Different 
          Way Than You Intended.          
 It  Is  Advantageous  To   Ignore   Most 
    Traffic Rules. Stay Predictable And   
 Explicit,   And   Do   What   You  Want. 
 It'S  More  Fun  If  You'Re  Drunk,  But 
 Avoid Big Roads, And Walk  At Crossings.