i. sent on a rocket into earth orbit   
  ii. forced to land on foreign planet    
 iii. searched for traces of other life   
      like ours, feels abandoned          
  iv. clunky build, rugged, problems      
      with dust on solar panels           
   v. pioneer experiment, not enough      
      belief in its success for precious  
      precious materials to be alotted    
  vi. finds water. finds fucking water    
 on  earth at this time the soil has been 
 contaminated  by   previous  generations 
 attempts   at   large-scale   industrial 
 farming.     bespoke    chemicals    are 
 manufactured   and   added   to  "clean" 
 (dead)   soil    before   each    yield. 
 these  chems  are  made  to  create  the 
 correct environments for  the  plants to 
 grow,   correcting   the  afterburn   of 
 metabolites   from  the   chems  of  the 
 previous yield.                          
 it is  not  uncommon for each  iteration 
 to leave  a  baseline  different to  the 
 last. new  correcting  chems need  to be 
 created then  for each time  the soil is 
 to be used.                              
 larger-scale forms.                      
              they would employ their own 
              chemists (wizard-like