magic is about being unaccountable,   
 about  removing the source of the action 
 from yourself.  it works by exploiting a 
       kind of gravity, called the        
              arrow of time.              
 things in this  universe always seek the 
 least energetic  state. all potential is 
 gradually  lost into  lesser forms (such 
                as heat).                 
     magic then, is creating tunnels,     
 specific and  intricate canals, for this 
 to happen  in a controlled manner. think 
 of  it as setting an elaborate trap  for 
 and  then, when the circuit  closes, the 
 arrow  is  forced  to do  your  bidding! 
   of course, you're also irreversably    
 draining  time  from  the  universe, but 
 the danger is a runaway  spell -  if the 
 filament of  your canal  is too weak, or 
 the potential  is  high enough to escape 
 any self-closing mechanisms - a  breach. 
     these are usually catastrophic.      
 although  many  are  local,   they  stay 
 active   until  closed  off  by  counter 
 spells (hard to pull off) or  there's no 
       more energy to fall through.       
 in that case the outcome depends  on the 
  spell. small-scale breaches might not   
 even  be  noticeable by the uninitiated; 
 but  a spell  might also very well bring 
 about the  heat death  of  the universe. 
 well. it is  what  it  is. a dying art.. 
           maybe for the best.