The Water Crawls Toward Us,       
      It'S A Girl Stingray, Gorgeous,     
    Covered In What'S Left Of Her Prey.   
  She Smiles At Us, Flashing Her Teeth,   
             A Ray Of Stings.             
    A Bit Later She Summons A Mink And    
         Shows Us How To Gut It.          
  You Hold It Firmly In One Hand, Belly   
  Exposed, And With A Dagger Cut Through  
   The Skin Starting At The Guts, Moving  
  Up Over The Ribcage, Towards The Head.  
     Next You Can Just Stick Your Hand    
   Inside, Grab And Pull (Hold The Cut    
   Downard At This Point) And It Should   
   All Be Falling Out. For Sticky Organs  
  You Might Have To Use The Dagger Again. 
  Then Wash The Mink In Running Water Or  
          Snow. And You'Re Done!