a looming green blimp        
          a hovering swamp          
           floating tree          
                home planet               
              the bird elves              
   a great fluffy silhouette against the  
  orange sunrise. it's the floating tree, 
 suspended over the forests of venezuela. 
    something swarming around it - bird   
 elves. they like the landbridgelessness. 
        this shit is unconnected.         
  it's the mothership - the elves launch  
  from here, the ratsonas spawn here (in  
   seclusion), most orange juice is made  
          half of the leaves are          
   astral projections... vines growing    
     wildly, untethered by the wind...    
  dreamroot poisoning the air (of course  
  the non-elf inhabitants are waned  an  
  addiction they will never beat  or in  
            rare cases immune)