When  There  Is  A Stone In  The  Puddle 
 It  Is  An Annoyance  To  Bear In  Mind, 
           An Obstacle To Avoid           
 When The Mountain Comes Out Of The  Sea, 
 It  Is   Something  To   Be   Cherished, 
        A God'S Finger Reached Out,       
           Into Space, Into Heat          
         (Force Comes With Scale)         
 Millions  Of   Mirrors.   And   We   Are 
           Launched Into Space:           
 We   Sail   On  The  Concentrated   Sun, 
 Even Now Our Ally, Even In Our Betrayal. 
 A   Stone    Through   The   Puddle   Of 
       The Helisophere. Hoping To Be      
 The First  Scale  On  A Spine  Of  Rock.