Mouse girl Likes Shoes          
 In  This  Dream  I  Was A Girl Of  Maybe 
 Sixteen Years, Together With My  Dad  In 
 A  Huge  Bath  House  / Spa  /  Hotel  / 
 Shopping centre.       Dad Was Constatly 
 Pointing  Out Hot Girls To Me.  "You See 
   That Black-Haired Thing Dissapearing   
 Behind  The  Clothes  Rack?  Oof!"  He'D 
 Say.  He  Was  Always Very Creepy  About 
 This,   Going   For   Girls    My   Age. 
 This  Night He  Had Just Tried To  Woo A 
 Girl He Called  A "Mouse"  By Buying Her 
 Shoes, But  She Had  Accepted Them  Only 
 To Run Away  Immediately Afterward.  Dad 
 Was   A  Bit  Bummed   But   Dropped  It 
 Quickly.  I  Said Goodnight  To Him  And 
        Went Looking For The Mouse.       
 The Building Was Enormous And  Mazelike. 
 Walls, Floors And  Pillars  Were  Set In 
 Green  Marble. Throughout The House  Ran 
 A  Main  Boulevard,  Wide As  A  Street, 
 Framed With Clay Vases Dark As  Obsidian 
 And Taller  Than A  Person. In Each Vase 
 Was  Placed Upright A Leaf  From  A Palm 
 Tree Or  Giant  Fern. The Boulevard  Was 
 Dimly Lit, Which Allowed The  Pools That 
   Were Generously Sprinkled Throughout   
   Each Floor Would Reflect Suggestive    
          Patterns On The Marble.         
 Following The  Boulevard, Two Floors  Up 
 I  Found  Her  Crying  Behind  Two  Fern 
 Vases.  She  Was  Beautiful,  And  As  I 
 Approached, She Looked Up  And Sniveled. 
 In  The Nearest  Vase  She  Had  Stuffed 
             Both The Shoes.              
 I  Told Her  To  Follow, But She  Didn'T 
 Move  Or  Speak. So  Instead  I Said  To 
 Stay There, And Ran To  Get Her A Better 
 Pair Of  Shoes  That She Would  Actually 
 Like.  When  I  Returned,  Having  Spent 
 More  Than  I Could Really  Afford,  She 
 Was Visibly Impressed. I  Tried To Sound 
 Cool,  Saying  Something  Like "What  Do 
 You  Think,  Just Because A  Girl  Has A 
 Freaky  Dad,  She  Doesn'T Have  Taste?" 
 But  Mouse  Girl  Just  Laughed  At  Me. 
 She Then Took Me By The Hand  And Led Me 
 Out  A  Side  Route   To   A  Closed-Off 
 Rooftop Walking Garden, Full  Of Juniper 
 And Thuja.  It  Was A  Late Evening, And 
     The Stars Were Glittering. Being     
 Closed, The  Garden Had Its Light Turned 
 Off,  But We  Could  Still  See Our  Way 
 Around By  The  Light  Shining Down From 
 The   Windows   Of  The  Higher  Floors. 
 She  Lay Down In A Patch Of Grass. I Sat 
 Down  On  My  Knees,  And  Then  Crawled 
 Closer.  She  Laughed  At Me  Again, And 
                  Said -                  
 (Here I Am Awakened By The Morning Crew)