(Demonic)  (Alchemical Construct)   
        (Flower)       (Memetic)        
    Travelers  From   A   Parallel    
  World  Far Beyond  Ours...   
   An Initial Seed  Places  A  
   Forge. Then Starts  The Melting,   
   The  Gathering  Of  Materials (The   
  Secret Ingredient In Liquid glass   
  Is Blood,  And In Any Case,  
  A  Human Host Is Needed For  
     Interdimensional    Travel).     
  After The Entire Plane Is Harvested,  
  Comes The Blooming Phase Where The  
  Catboys Spread Their  Eggs   
   To  Whichever Other Worlds  
   Have  Drifted  Close,   And  The   
    Cycle    Continues,   Elsewhere.