oh,  wondrous  little  chemical, made in 
 the  deepest  pit  of  the  most  secret 
 intestine of  the elusive animal that is 
 the              silver             fox. 
 it  will show  you  three faces.  first, 
 the  callsign:  you  will  experience  a 
 faint  urge to  run through  the  woods, 
 and catch phantom whiffs  of wet fur and 
 sour  plants. then,  the fireworks:  the 
 world  will feel like a great  carneval, 
 filled  with  opportunity  and intrigue. 
 paths  will  connect  that maybe  didn't 
 before.  the  world becomes  vaster  and 
 underneath  all  this,  the third  face, 
 which  slowly  twists  you  into  shape.