deep below               
   ground level, several elevators down,  
    in the dark water where the surface   
   light doesn't reach, and warmth comes  
 mostly from below - here is the shower.  
   it is dark. you strip, and it's cold.  
   your feet feel the cold stone floor,   
  your hands find the rubber handles to   
        guide you into the cabin.         
       and then, the hot water, the       
     underground rain. drenching you,     
   lathering you. infused with oils and   
  scents. and then, also from above, the  
   shower creatures. first their black    
  velvet arms, touching, and then entire  
        bodies. chests and snouts.        
  the creatures are meant to comfort you, 
   keep you entranced, and keep you from  
    leaving the cabin prematurely. this   
  whole ordeal works best if you are not  
  transformed too early, and are instead  
 allowed to enjoy the shower for a while. 
   you are steamed, caressed, cleaned,    
    modified, liquified; dissolved and    
     drained... and then brought back,    
  slowly, waking as the water dries off   
    of you. cabin open to the cold air    
 tickling your fresh-born mind. creature  
        hands gone, you step out.         
    later, elevator back up. new body.