To  Dream  Is  To  Travel,  Between  Two 
 Points.  But, If  You  Wake  Up  At  The 
 Wrong Moment,  You  Could  End Up  Where 
 You   Aren'T   Supposed  To   Be...   Se 
 Something  You  Wouldn'T Want  To See... 
 Things To Consider:  
  Consciousness: Do I Know Things I  
  Shoudln'T Know?  
  Actions: Do I, Or Someone Else,  
  Perform Actions That Are Normally  
  Form: Does Something Look Like It  
  Shouldn'T? Is There Some Kind Of  
  Anachronism Going On?  
  Context: Am I Somewhere Where It'S  
  Impossible To Be? How Did I Get  
  Where I Am, Where Were I Before,