siren's vine.              
 for  thousands  of  years known only  to 
 "witches",  by   which  i  mean  various 
 cunning swamp dwellers  
   lizards,  humanoid  frogs,  girls,   
  actual witches, and  lots of insects  
  and other such gnats  
  that did or did 
 not  use it  (some  would even cultivate 
 it for  use  in hunting)  or maybe would 
 just  avoid  it  altogether.  the   dark 
 sprawl underneath shallow waters. watch  
 the  gnarly  roots of the  cedar  trees, 
 are   they   left   alone   (with   moss 
 companion)?   or  is   there   something 
 slithering across it?  
   the   plant    
  likes  mutilation;  it's agressive;   
  it  moves  quickly toward the mouth,  
  throat  and  ultimately,  the vocal   
  cords, which it will fill with seeds  
   and  as  such  destroy  completely