something lies glowing          
          on the ocean floor...           
 on  the  ocean  floor,  a  dangerous and 
 caustic   and  sweet   sweet  thing,  it 
 glows, it lures  you closer. a creature! 
 it's almost otter-like,  but  like lava, 
 a  liquid shaped  like  a living  thing, 
 and  when  it raises an arm, its fingers 
 are  dripping  with fire. with its song, 
         it lures you closer yet.         
 it's  in a state of bliss! it's a flame, 
 lit by the sun! and this pleasure  is to 
      be shared, shared with others.      
 and  the  creatures  of  the  sea  creep 
 closer, hypnotized and curious, and  the 
 sludge extends a hand, and they take it, 
 writhing  with  joy,  accepts  them all. 
 they step inside, taking  the shape of a 
 squirming otter, now  a  stretching cat, 
  now almost humanoid. although suddenly  
 it all liquifies completely, now just  a 
 burning puddle, lit not by the  sun, but 
 by  some internal fuel  hostile to life.