Something Lies Glowing          
          On The Ocean Floor...           
 On  The  Ocean Floor,  A  Dangerous  And 
 Caustic  And  Sweet   Sweet  Thing,   It 
 Glows, It Lures You Closer.  A Creature! 
 It'S  Almost Otter-Like, But  Like Lava, 
 A  Liquid Shaped  Like  A Living  Thing, 
 And When It Raises  An  Arm, Its Fingers 
 Are  Dripping With Fire. With  Its Song, 
         It Lures You Closer Yet.         
 It'S In A State Of Bliss!  It'S A Flame, 
 Lit By The Sun!  And This Pleasure Is To 
      Be Shared, Shared With Others.      
 And  The  Creatures  Of  The  Sea  Creep 
 Closer, Hypnotized And  Curious, And The 
 Sludge Extends A Hand, And They Take It, 
 Writhing With  Joy,  Accepts  Them  All. 
 They Step  Inside, Taking The Shape Of A 
 Squirming  Otter, Now A Stretching  Cat, 
  Now Almost Humanoid. Although Suddenly  
 It All Liquifies Completely,  Now Just A 
 Burning Puddle,  Lit Not By The Sun, But 
 By Some Internal Fuel Hostile  To  Life.