naftakin, the blind           
 a  student at  the charcoal guild... his 
 eyes sewn  shut from  birth... the  most 
            successful student            
 but one  day he fell down into a crystal 
 cavern.  it  was deep in the mountain, a 
 great  hall  with  only  a  single  tiny 
 inlet   for   both  light  and   falling 
 in  the  fall, the quartz sliced off the 
 threads  in  his eyes, opening them  for 
 the  first   time.   before   him,   the 
 crystals mirrored and refracted  the one 
 light  smidge into  a whole  night  sky, 
 and   he   was  struck  down   with  awe 
 but also with shame,  because  his  eyes 
 had  seen.  hurriedly,  he  used  thread 
 from  his   robe   to   sew   them  back 
 together, and when help  came he did not 
        tell of his transgression.        
 for  years he  studied at the guild.  he 
 became a master,  and  then  a  pilgrim. 
 yet the image  from the cave never  left 
 at  the  end of  his life, when  at  the 
 edge of  the  world  he opened his  eyes 
 for a  second time, stars had hatched in