a  cool  enough  sony   walkman   called 
            tcm onefifty            
 it's  battery powered (two aa batteries) 
 and has  a microphone. it does feature a 
 speed hole but it's  hidden  beneath its 
 a cool  thing  is  the  speaker  on  the 
 front. but isn't that a magnet close  to 
               the tape? yes              
              is it good              
 well. it has some very real  compression 
 going  on so close  vox  and  other high 
 volume things  are very  crisp  and with 
 kind  of low  noise.  but  when  there's 
 more of an  ambience, all  you  hear  is 
           hiss and motor noise.          
  denoising techniques are simple. actual 
 denoising for the  noise,  and maybe  an 
            eq for the motor.             
      what     is     it     for      
 i use it for talking to when i'm  drunk. 
 it  does  this   very  good.  the  pause 
 button  is a small stop, the stop button 
             is a major stop.             
              some quirks             
  when unpausing, recording begins before 
 the  engine is fully spun  up, resulting 
 in   a   nice  swoop   being   recorded. 
 it   made    me   buy    a    vhs    cam 
         rest in pieces, literally        
           may twenty fifteen           
          july twenty eighteen          
       superseded by the tcm twenty