dentists like teeth       
    dentists like belting your    
  arms and legs to a specialized  
     chair (the manufacturer must not     
  ask questions, or look them in the eye) 
     and prop your mouth open with a      
  to take the finest weapon that the body 
      has to offer (the mouth), and       
 completely neutralize it, fold it open,  
  and tease it - this is their reward and 
   to touch their finger upon a fang...   
    to let it pierce and draw blood...    
         in their lairs they have         
   wonderfully weird machines and tools   
   to ---- well, what's more interesting  
      is that they can never operate      
    on themselves (without significant    
  risk), but  must instead visit  
  one of their own kin. dentists  
      operating on dentists,      
   sh sh sh. makes you shudder.