I   Had  This  Idea   That   You   Could 
  Construct Reality checks (As For Lucid  
 Dreaming, Where You'D  Learn  This Habit 
 Of Trying  To Sneakily Break  The  Rules 
 Of   Causality   Or  Physics,  Such   As 
 Flipping A  Light  Switch  To See If  It 
 Actually   Turns  Off  The  Lights,   Or 
 Trying  To  Get  Your  Hands   To  Phase 
 Together.  The Thought Being That If Any 
 Of  The "Checks" Actually Worked,  You'D 
 Know   You  Were  Dreaming)  For  Datura 
 I Thought,  You  Could  Get In The Habit 
 Of  Throwing  Things On The Ground, Like 
    Pens. Meant To Portray Cigarettes,    
 Because Everyone Who  Does Datura Smokes 
 Cigarettes. (They  In  Fact  Aren'T, And 
 So  Sooner   Or  Later  The   Cigarettes 
 Disappear, And They  Search  The Ground, 
 But  Nothing'S  There.) Throwing Pens On 
 The  Ground  And  Picking  Them Back Up. 
 And Be Really Concerned If  They Weren'T 
               To Be There.               
 This  Is  Probably  Not  How  Deliriants 
 Work.   But   I    Had   The    Thought.