Volca  Fm              
 Frequency Modulation  Is  Great On Paper 
 Or  With A  User  Interface  That'S  Not 
   Actively Working Against You. That'S   
 Really  All  There  Is  To  Say  On  The 
 Actually,  I'M  Selling  This  One. Fuck 
 I Was Hoping  For  It  To Vocalize  Like 
 Beastskin  Armor,  Or Perhaps  Offer  Me 
 The  Same  Kind Of  Defensive  Abilities 
  (Regeneration, Cold Resistance). I Was  
 Really  Hoping It Would  Let  Me Survive 
      Rytkuchi. Decorate Chaunskaya.      
 But No! Out  Of  The  Box It Sounds Like 
 Plastic And If You Wriggle The Dials  It 
 Sounds  Like  An  Angry  Dial  Up. Fuck!