The  Sea  Pretends  To  Be  A Completely 
 Flat  Surface Spanning Further  Than The 
 Thought  Of It, Which Is Partially True. 
 But  Outside Of  A  Map  It Is Decidedly 
 More  Violent,  Being  Made Up  Of  Vast 
   Amounts Of Purposeful Water, Moving    
    Toward Some Secluded But Important    
 A Permanent  Procession  On  Land Floods 
 The  Earth,  Weathers The  ForestS,  And 
 Slowly Submerges The Green.  But Another 
 Expanse  Is   Taking   Place,   In   The 
 Opposite  Direction -  The AnimalS  That 
 Inhabit  The  Dirt  Are  Building  Paths 
    Elevated Above The Mires, Building    
 Temples  At  The Waters  Edge,  Building 
         Dwellings In The Reed...