the  sea  pretends to  be  a  completely 
 flat  surface spanning further  than the 
 thought of it,  which is partially true. 
 but  outside  of  a map it is  decidedly 
 more  violent,  being made  up  of  vast 
    amounts of purposeful water, moving   
    toward some secluded but important    
 a permanent  procession  on  land floods 
 the  earth, weathers  the  forests,  and 
 slowly submerges the green. but  another 
 expanse  is   taking   place,   in   the 
 opposite  direction  -  the animals that 
 inhabit  the  dirt  are  building  paths 
    elevated above the mires, building    
 temples  at  the  waters  edge, building 
         dwellings in the reed...