The Striped Worm, With Dripping     
 Segments In Yellow, In Hot Pink, In 
 Purple, In Other Such Colors.       
 Silently: "It'S Not Real." (Repeat  
 To Yourself) "Its Not Real." You    
 Stumble In The Cave And Drop The    
 Phone, Alerting The Worm.           
    (In A Situation Like This You'Re 
    Meant To Call For Worm crew, But 
       Instead Here You Are Crawling 
 Backward On All Fours) The Worm Has 
     Started To Pulsate, So You Must 
      Avoid It'S Gaze, Which Is Hard 
 Since It Covers Your Entire Vision. 
 It'S Smiling, You Can Hear It'S     
 Skin Shift To Reveal Its Teeth. And 
 Then The Wet Sound Of The Maw       
 Opening, A Terrible Opening That'S  
 Growing And Still Growing.