police  will  chase you through  a    
  maize field at night, trying  to run  
   you over while you  fear for  your   
   life, headlights  ensilvering corn   
      leaves     in    the     dark     
   police  will  drink  your  dignity   
     and    inhale    your    words     
    and  handle  your  physical  form   
     police     are    like    pigs     
   (filthy,  ruthless,  shrimp  eyes)   
    and  like  dogs  (dangerous   and   
      bitey    but     subservient)     
 when  someone  mentions  how  when   the 
 climate  collapses the  rich  will  just 
 keep  their  wonderlands  to  themselves 
 and  hire goons to protect them from the 
 poor,  that's already  what's  happening