now,  usually i feel good (maybe?),  but 
 this  time  of  confusion  also leads to 
 all  analyzes ending  in  "useless"  - i 
 was  being  bothered  by  something in a 
 song or movie  or book, so  i think, how 
 would  i  have  done  it,  what  is  the 
 purpose  of  this process, what does  it 
 consist of...?  and through  the process 
 more  and  more pieces  falls off  until 
     i'm standing there with nothing.     
 reductionist hell -                      
 i wan't a bottom floor, a concept        
 bedrock, but the deeper i go the more    
 abstract they are, the things, until     
 they cease to be things at all           
 are we just stacked triangles? there is  
 nothing i can do with triangles. they    
 can not shelter me in any meaningful     
 and when i can't even anchor myself,     
 when i am nothing but the question, it   
 feels like it can all slip through my    
 fingers... "whoops", and nothing ever    
 was after that.