art school house dream.         
 slightly uptown on a grassy hill lies  a 
    large repurposed institution. it's    
 several  floors,  a  few  hundred meters 
       wide. made of yellow bricks.       
  combined nightclub, cafe, gallery, art  
 school.  it's always open,  people  come 
 and go. the basement  is deeper than you 
               would guess.               
 it's messy. i've  spread  my things over 
              several floors,             
 and due  to a  few many  beers and  some 
 secret  rivalries,  i  decide  i  should 
 leave.   but   where   are  my  shoes... 
       (looking for shoes)        
 after  a  while they appear  on my feet. 
 i'm crying  of  joy, i hug  a friend and 
 it's  good,  we're  close  now,  he  can 
 smell  me  (all  according   to   plan). 
 i find  out who ruined my paintings  and 
 i  pull her  hair.  she cries  from pain 
       but does not beg forgiveness.      
       (in the background)        
 sunset,  orange  and  pink,  city  is  a 
      black cutout. there's fires and     
        explosions on the ground.         
 "the  new way  of  shipping iron  - with 
 the railgun.  the iron slag  is  shot at 
 three  hundred  and thirty  three meters 
 per second, and at  the receiving end an 
 eight   square  meter  wooden  cube   is 
        launched to intercept it."        
 it  looks  like  interstellar  war.  the 
 wooden  block shatter  into  hundreds of 
  house dream   railgun   structure   
           institution  maze