I    Was   Thinking   To   Stop    Doing 
 Hallucinogens  In The Winter  Because  I 
 Do Not  Know How  Useful  They Have Been 
 Anyway?  I  Get  So  Tense  When I  Take 
 Them, The Last Few  Times  At Least, And 
 There Are Plenty Of  Side Effects That I 
 Really  Do Not Like, And  There Will  Be 
   Associations With These Mini-Anxiety   
 Attacks   With  Random  Things   That  I 
 Happen  To  See...  For  Example,  For A 
 Long  Time  I Could  Not  See A  Certain 
 Kind  Of Leaf  Without  Getting  Anxious 
 ...  And I  Should Avoid To Ruin All The 
             Seasons This Way.            
    Hmm, Recently My Visual Phenomena     
 Increased  Or At Least  The  Burn-Ins In 
 The  Eyes,   And   Sometimes  Stuff   Is 
 Breathing  Now,  They  Did  Not  Do   It 
 Before.  But Maybe I Just Drank Too Much 
 Coffee. Maybe I'M Scared  And Making All 
             These Things Up.             
 It Comes  To  Me  Sometimes  That  Shit, 
 What A Load Of  ConceptS This  "Reality" 
 Consists  Of,  And  How Vague  They  Are 
 If  I  Do Not  Sleep  For  About  Twenty 
 Hours, It Will No Longer Be Dark When  I 
 Close   My  Eyes,   Not  Actually  Cev'S 
 Though,  Rather  Just FieldS And Motion. 
 Now And Then  I Hear This Sound (A  Real 
    Sound (I Think)), Resembling Some     
  "Knerp" From Twentyfive c nbome Or So.  
 And It  Is  Always  Unpleasant, I Become 
 So Stressful, But I Think  It Has To  Do 
         With The Novelty. I Hope.