Tell Them  You Need To Take A Call,  And 
 Go  South.  Sneak  Between  The  Houses, 
 Getting    Smaller     As     You    Go. 
         Cross The Train Tracks...        
    Exit The Western industrial dome.     
 As  You  Push  Through  The Thicker Snow 
 Outside,  You  Become   A  Witch  Again. 
 Shapes  In  The   Dirt   Become   Runes. 
   Pawprints Become Hidden Families. You  
            Adjust Your Course.           
 The  Ermines Make Fine  Meats.  One Call 
 And They Would Come Willingly.  Back  In 
 The  Dome,  What   They   Give  You  For 
 Eating... It'S  Not Right. It'S  Nothing 
 You   Can    Feed   On,    Not   Really. 
 But  It'S  Likely  You'Re   Still  Under 
 Observation. South Is A  Weird Direction 
 And   So   You  Probably  Warrant   Some 
     Attention. Interacting With The      
 Wildlife   Is   Out  Of   The   Picture. 
         You Adjust Your Course.