fey bells          
 envelop me in noise... a sandstorm of    
 sound... and sure enough, between the    
 grains there are calls from other        
 worlds -                                 
 distant wailing sirens, coming closer    
 but staying out of reach... telling me   
 that something is happening, perfuming   
 me with someone elses excitement         
 the phone ringing, a certain phone from  
 a job long lost, urging for someone to   
 pick up                                  
 and at times, when i'm almost drowning   
 in this metaphorical sand, breathing     
 it, the veil is next to breached... i    
 hear flutes, sines, repeating themes     
 like were they calls from rubbery        
 birds... deafeningly loud!               
 but like a mirage, constantly            
 evaporating and reforming.               
 and not really touching my eardrums.