Fey Bells          
 Envelop Me In Noise... A Sandstorm Of    
 Sound... And Sure Enough, Between The    
 Grains There Are Calls From Other        
 Worlds -                                 
 Distant Wailing Sirens, Coming Closer    
 But Staying Out Of Reach... Telling Me   
 That Something Is Happening, Perfuming   
 Me With Someone Elses Excitement         
 The Phone Ringing, A Certain Phone From  
 A Job Long Lost, Urging For Someone To   
 Pick Up                                  
 And At Times, When I'M Almost Drowning   
 In This Metaphorical Sand, Breathing     
 It, The Veil Is Next To Breached... I    
 Hear Flutes, Sines, Repeating Themes     
 Like Were They Calls From Rubbery        
 Birds... Deafeningly Loud!               
 But Like A Mirage, Constantly            
 Evaporating And Reforming.               
 And Not Really Touching My Eardrums.