| Cannabinoids |       
              (A Small List)              
  Ur onefourtyfour                     
  Am twentytwo oh one                  
  Jwh zero eighteen: "I'M Becoming     
     The River", "We'Re Animals", "This   
     Is The One"                          
  Five f akb fourtyeight: "Not So      
     Trippy", "More Like The Real         
     Deal", "A Steady One Hour Plus       
  Am nineohsix                         
  Five f pb twentytwo                  
  Bb twentytwo                         
  Ab fubinaca: "Man Is Too High To     
     Write", "Longer Than Akb", "Snake"   
  Sts onethirtyfive: "Fourty To        
     Fifty Minutes, Not So Eventful,"     
     "Not So Strong", "Pressure On The    
  Two ne one                           
  Five f ab pinaca                     
   Cannabinoids Is A Misnomer. The Name   
  Means "Cannabis-Like", But Refers To A  
   Loose Group Of Chemicals That Act On   
    The Same Receptors As Cannabis, Or    
  Creates A Feeling Of Similar Quality.   
 These Are Mostly Sold As An Alternative  
   For Those Who Can'T Get Hold Of Good   
    Old Regular Weed, Or Those Who Know   
  They Will Be Drug Tested, Or Those Who  
          Don'T Know Any Better.          
  Most Of Those Listed Here Are Probably  
   Very Hard To Get Hold Of These Days,   
   Since Their Legality Has Expired And   
   With That Their Reason To Be On The    
  That Said. It Can Be Interesting To Try 
   Different Varieties. See What Kind Of  
  Creatures You Can Get Inside The Brain. 
  Anyway Since This Is Dark Market Shit   
   There'S No Real Data On Toxicity And   
 Whatnot, So The Body Might Be Destroyed  
               By Their Use.