the name is a little mis-       
   giving, because of course there is   
 no real  geometry in the  caves. you may 
 feel  as  if you are venturing into some 
 vast structure,  but  you  are  in  fact 
 leaving any such thing  at the entrance. 
     leaving physical tethers behind,     
  submitting to an inescapable darkness,  
 the  world around you  becomes more of a 
 manifestation  of   your  mind,   or   a 
 collective  mind,  with  a  shape  and a 
          direction and a taste.          
   inescapeable darkness, because if you  
 bring  a   candle  or  mount  electrical 
 lights,   the   walls  only  serves   as 
 markers  to  where   the  tiny   spatial 
 existence ends  and the darkness beneath 
                it begins.                
 like an  inverted  mandelbrot, the  real 
 cave is  actually not the  pockets,  but 
 the black  around  them.  keep  that  in 
 the  moisture that  permeates  any  cave 
 worth  it's  name...  it's the water the 
 world  rose  from. it's  the  water  you 
        drown in, in your dreams.         
 the  only  sounds in the cave are  those 
 that  you make  yourselves.  they may be 
 distorted by  the stone  structure,  and 
 amplified by your  mind.  try not to  be 
 alarmed,  try to  remember  the  persons 
 and  objects  around you,  and  you  can 
 discern   a   mirage   from  a   friend.