cave     sense           
 you can  tap into the  cave wherever you 
 go.  with  training,  or  with  drugs... 
 some  people  are   always   like  this. 
 the  cave  is  built  in,  an  intrinsic 
 animal part. it's come to  be associated 
 with the  lizards, and  it's  true  that 
 they  are  very  close  to it  in  their 
 lives. but as long as  youre  an animal, 
 it's always there, changing  shape  with 
 the  mind   is  good   at   relativizing 
 things,  placing them within its current 
 frame  of   reference.  and  the  lizard 
 brain  is good at absolutes. in the end, 
 the  best  and  worst  things  are  both 
   within hearing range. everything else  
              is forgotten.               
 everything is specific, and local.       
 there are no generalizations. there is   
 no object permanence. what you           
 experience is acute, ineffable, and you  
 need to act. every subsection of your    
 body has a consciousness and a voice.    
 everything you see can also see you,     
 through the pupil in your eye. the       
 stones are slippery. the air is inside