in my dream i am     and i had smoked 
  in my parents house  a blunt for good 
  measure, before  
 i went down in the basement where i got  
 this great idea where i was going to     
 carve a pattern in my forehead, really   
 just destroy it with a knife             
 my first instinct is that it's never     
 going to work - but then i realize i     
 can just tape it over later. so i do     
 it, but i accidentally touch my heart    
 with the knife and it gives me a panic   
 my whole field of vision is flickering   
 and so i make chamomile tea, but the     
 panic's too strong and i panic out in    
 the garden.                              
 in the garden are two furry tigers, and  
 i jump into their embrace but they're    
 kinda tired of my shit and just drop me  
 on the grass