In My Dream I Am     And I Had Smoked 
  In My Parents House  A Blunt For Good 
  Measure, Before  
 I Went Down In The Basement Where I Got  
 This Great Idea Where I Was Going To     
 Carve A Pattern In My Forehead, Really   
 Just Destroy It With A Knife             
 My First Instinct Is That It'S Never     
 Going To Work - But Then I Realize I     
 Can Just Tape It Over Later. So I Do     
 It, But I Accidentally Touch My Heart    
 With The Knife And It Gives Me A Panic   
 My Whole Field Of Vision Is Flickering   
 And So I Make Chamomile Tea, But The     
 Panic'S Too Strong And I Panic Out In    
 The Garden.                              
 In The Garden Are Two Furry Tigers, And  
 I Jump Into Their Embrace But They'Re    
 Kinda Tired Of My Shit And Just Drop Me  
 On The Grass