"cerberus" line of synthetic canines   
  these pups are specifically designed to 
     help with tracking, subduing, and    
      [] targets. due to their       
 homogeneous liquid rubber construction,  
  they can easily enter areas restricted  
    for most other robots, and have no    
    trouble restrain full-size humans.    
  they have been successfully deployed in 
 law enforcement and military operations  
            across the globe.             
  cerberus units are built by order, and  
  come in either quadrupedal or bipedal   
    configurations. the former are both   
    more powerful and agile, while the    
    latter are easier to intergrate in    
  situations designed for human bodies.   
  the base cerberus units are envisioned  
        to be synced with a remote        
  orchestrator, but individual units can  
     be equipped to run as completely     
 autonomous ai, given the proper permits. 
 notable units  
   among the most well known units are    
    se ezc "sees", poster dog for the     
  product launch; the lr uka and lr uks   
  employed by [] police department,  
  famous for the lawsuit; and of course   
   fo bes, a bipedal unit stolen by the   
        rogue ai known as phobes.