blood clover              
 the  moss   commonly  known   as  "blood 
 clover" is  a  carnivorous plant  native 
 to northern eurasia.  despite  its name, 
 it's    actually   a   kind   of   moss. 
 blood  clover is in  its  dormant  state 
  indistinguishable from regular clover.  
 when  disturbed,  it  produces  a  thick 
 sticky  sap  that  will ensnare  animals 
 that are too weak  to  move away (frogs, 
 mice,  insects)  and  slowly melt  them. 
 the   plant  then  feeds   off  of   the 
  nutrients released. during feeding the  
 leaves  will  take  on  a  reddish tint, 
 from  which the  plant  get  its  common 
 you   can  sometimes  spot  bleeding  or 
 scars  along the legs  of bigger animals 
 who's  lingered  in  the  moss for  some 
 the  sap  has been used for  tattoos. it 
 is reportedly  faint but pleasant to the 
 taste,   and   can  of  course  only  be 
       consumed in small quantities.