Copy Right              
 Things Were  Fine At First... The  Songs 
 Were  Freely  Shared By  Mouth To  Fiery 
   Mouth... Or Bluetooth Connected Flip   
 But Then  Copyright Was Found  And Mined 
 In The Corporate Caves In North America. 
 It  Is  Believed Those  Who  Roamed  The 
 Continent Before  Mankind Buried  It  So 
 That  It  Would  Never Again  Plague The 
   Earth, But Alas, The Entrepreneurs...  
 Now We Are In  Trouble; We Are So Small, 
 And  The  Copyright  Is   So   Big,  And 
 Slithery...  It Lures You With  Promises 
 Of Control  And  A  Chance  Of Riches... 
 Then It  Pierces  You In  The  Navel And 
 Eats  Your  Innards,  And  Makes  You  A 
 Not  Supposed  To Be Like This. It'S Not 
 Even  Earthly;  I Tell You That. Did You 
 Read  A  Fire  Upon The  Deep? It'S Like 
 That,  They  Found It Somewhere  Strange 
 And Wakened It. And Now  The Only Way To 
 Save  Us  Is To  Destroy All  Technology 
           It'S... What It Is...