Get Down On Your Claws          
 It  Must  Evoke  The Feeling  Of  Having 
 Friends. It Must  Be For To Do Crime. To 
            Do What Isn'T Done-           
 To Do What Isn'T  Done Through  The Thin 
 Paper Wrapping Around The  Soul. Opening 
 Get  Down  On Your  Claws.  Don'T  Raise 
 Arms   In  Defense.  Don'T  Peirce  Like 
         Thorns Through The Paper.        
           And Then Rip It Apart          
 On  The Floor Of  The Sea Lies The  Most 
  Peculiar Sludge creature, With A Dreamy 
    Face... They Are Experiencing Pure    
 Ecstasy In A Self-Made  Reactor Meltdown 
  (Underwater Society Nudges Inhabitants  
 Into  This  Hole As  A  Way  Of  Dodging 
   Liquid Sea Dragon                    
   Subsuming Reagents                   
   Resuming Common Sense                
   And Harming Gentlemen                
   Farming Lives And Then               
 Keeping That  Poison  Inbetween Its Many 
            Blue Fleshy Spikes